Issue #08 about Voice


The grapefruits team is deeply grateful for your ongoing support! In 2024, we are celebrating five years of grapefruits fanzine and are happy to present the eighth issue about Voice. In order to mark the occasion, issue #08 includes not only six but ten articles about the following artists:

Anjeline de Dios jq

Photo: Anjeline de Dios by Mitch Mauricio.

Anjeline de Dios is a vocal artist, researcher and meditation teacher from Manila, Philippines. Through her practice, she creates and studies emergent spaces of sound, healing and cultural change. She has a lifelong fascination with singing as an activity when one is immersed within oneself and others. […]
Artist Website

Arca nb

Musician, singer, composer, DJ, record producer, mixing engineer – there are plenty of roles that Arca, born as Alejandro Ghersi in Caracas, Venezuela, fulfils with her music. The use of voice represents the artist’s vision of breaking gender categories. […]
Artist Website

Lucrecia Dalt sw

Photo: Lucrecia Dalt by Aina Climent.

The work of Lucrecia Dalt investigates the voice as an alien entity, fusing minimalist electronics with studio improvisation and theory driven sci-fi narratives. […]
Artist Website

Sanni Est lg

Photo: Sanni Est by Christian Gaul.

Sanni Est is a musician, artist, curator, podcaster and activist. With her multimedia artwork she reflects on Western binaries and aims to decolonise music. […]
Artist Website

Holly Herndon mb

Photo: Holly Herndon by Andrés Mañón.

Sound artist and composer Holly Herndon works extensively with AI in music. She is a pioneer in exploring the artistic possibilities of AI voice models and their legal framework. […]
Artist Website

Sofia Jernberg ek

Photo: Sofia Jernberg by Laurent Orseau, @laurentorseau.

Sofia Jernberg is a musician, composer and, as she says, a maker of things. Her approach and attitude to language and voice reflect her very own musical sensibility and show how the voice can be interpreted as an instrument in its own right. […]
Artist on Discogs

Minhwi Lee tn

Photo: Minhwi Lee by Mok Jungweon.

Minhwi Lee is a musician and film music composer living in Seoul, South Korea. Starting with a punk duo singing odd and rebellious songs, she today conveys this radical spirit in her solo music using a softer voice which she also regards as a powerful tool. […]
Artist Website

Poly Styrene vr

Photo: Poly Styrene, 1977, by Virginia Turbett, @virginia_turbett_photography.

Poly Styrene was supposedly the first woman of colour to front a popular punk band. Her voice and singing style gave the finger to what was, until then, expected of a 'feminine voice' and became a great inspiration for many following female musicians. […]
Archive Website

Verity Susman em

Photo: Verity Susman/MEMORIALS, 2024, by Robert Gil.

Verity Susman is a British musician and composer. She was a founding member and singer of the Brighton-based band Electrelane. After the band’s 'indefinite hiatus', Susman has released solo work and started composing music for film. Together with Matthew Simms she founded the band MEMORIALS and composed music for the film Women Against the Bomb, directed by Sonia Gonzalez. […]
Band Website

Tenesha The Wordsmith fk

Photo: Tenesha the Wordsmith by Robert Cooper, @rcooperphotography.

Tenesha The Wordsmith, hailing from Oakland, CA, blends her poetry, voice and music to create authentic expressions through interdisciplinary projects that challenge norms and ignite change.
Her album Peacocks & Other Savage Beasts bravely explores themes of trauma and empowerment, reflecting her belief in the transformative power of words and music to speak unfiltered truths as well as inspire others to do the same. […]
Artist Website


ek Elisa Kühnl
em Elisa Metz
fk Friederike Kempter
jq Jasmina Al-Qaisi
lg Laila Grümpel
mb Mirjam Berg
nb Nathalie Brum
sw Simon Waskow
tn Theresa Nink
vr Vanessa Romotzky


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