Issue #03 on Instruments


We are glad to present the third issue of grapefruits. This time six authors from different professional backgrounds wrote about female* composers and sound artists and their use and understanding of instruments: Limpe Fuchs encounters her instruments from eye to eye. Tones and sounds want to be lured out and listened to with care. Playing an instrument is like an encounter to her, in each of her ever changing performances a new experience. Black Acid aka Nina Pixel is not interested in virtous playing a specific instrument. In contrast to the classic notion of instrumental musicians she feels attracted by instruments either destroyed or instruments she cannot properly play. As a sound artist she turns things and phenomens she likes acoustically into instruments by the means of her music production process. Matana Roberts turns music itself into an instrument to tell history and make it tangible. Anna Schimkat builds her own instruments and uses her field recordings, compositions, installations and performances as instruments for sharpening conscious perception. For Laurie Spiegel programming and composing belong to one process. By developing her own software, she can transform computers into intelligent instruments, making it possible to focus on the intuitive, emotional and almost limitless creation of sounds. Tina Tonagel’s work ranges from sound installations, visual arts and performance pieces with self-built instruments. Enjoy reading!

Instruments on Instruments
or How to Train Your Third Leg

Musical instruments are not just tools, they are material and social constructions at the same time. As we interact with instruments, we create meaning for and through them and in return musical instruments as cultural objects form and transform our understanding of musicianship and music itself. […]

Limpe Fuchs ek

Photo: Limpe Fuchs by Agelinde Scholl

Over her forty-year career Limpe Fuchs has continued experimenting with improvisational sound using her self-invented instruments such as pendulumstring, knirscher, lithophone, sheet metal and pieces of wood. For her, playing an instrument is like an encounter, in each of her ever changing performances a new experience. Tones and sounds want to be lured out and listened to with care. They can always tell something different. […]
Artist Website

Black Acid aka Nina Pixel nb

Photo: Nina Pixel at A4 – Space For Contemporary Culture by Branislav Grebčí.

Black Acid aka Nina Pixel is a slovakian-polish producer, DJ and sound artist living in Berlin since a few years. The first time I experienced her music was during the Sonic Acts Festival 2019 in Amsterdam, where she captivated the audience by melting a dark, grounded set of loops and recordings by using live electronics as well as instruments she played live on stage. […]
Artist Website

Matana Roberts tn

Photo: Matana Roberts by M. Tarantelli.

Matana Roberts turns music itself into an instrument to tell history and make it tangible. Not in the sense of storytelling, but in its connectedness with the topicality of American society. In compiling and collaging musical and textual sources, she makes audible connections that reveal historical lines and create new statements from her own perspective. […]
Artist Website

Anna Schimkat em

Photo: Anna Schimkat in Mutzschen by Thomas Bär.

Anna Schimkat works as a fine artist, entering the field of sound art with her installations and performances. She composes spaces which sharpen perception and thereby enforce the perceiver’s action. Her sound materials are self-built instruments and field-recordings of her main instrument: The world surrounding us. Her latest work is the installation and performance Die Glocken von Mutzschen and PAX, its visual counterpart. […]
Artist Website

Laurie Spiegel ds

Photo: Laurie Spiegel by Davey Adesida.

Laurie Spiegel, a pioneer of computer music, is certainly a familiar name to many of us. In fact, after more than thirty years, her works have recently experienced a kind of revival. In addition to a re-release of her more famous debut album The Expanding Universe in 2018, Unseen Worlds Records released her second album Unseen Worlds for the very first time on vinyl last year. Spiegel’s unique melodic sounds created with mathematic algorithms and her ideas of electronic music as a sort of folk music were far ahead of their time and are still inspiring today. […]
Artist Website

Tina Tonagel hh

Photo: Tina Tonagel by 120 DEN.

Tina Tonagel is a sound and media artist living in Cologne. Her work ranges from sound installations, visual arts and performances pieces with self-built instruments. She managed to make a name for herself while constantly working in collaboration with different artists and empowering others to be independent sound creators through her workshops. […]
Artist Website


ds Dora Schilling
ek Elisa Kühnl
em Elisa Metz
hh Helene Heuser
nb Nathalie Brum
tn Theresa Nink


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